World Clusters | National Trade Centers Abroad

World Clusters : National Trade Centers Abroad


Each nation wants to export, wants to multiple their economic relations by multiplying their mutual business relations. It’s one of the core drivers within governmental policies in all nations. Getting seriously interested high level contacts around this theme with embassies, consulates, politicians, officials of governmental departments, officials of national governments, officials of regional governments and business community leaders is not that hard (i.e. very easy).

GOVERNMENTS - We offer the governments of nations easy to realize national trade clusters/expos as no cost extensions for them of their network of embassies and consulates: Within 5 years these national trade centers will become of significant importance for them and the businesses in their nations. If a government wants to roll-out these national trade centers fast and worldwide: we can arrange that for them. Normally we don’t want any money of the governments (this makes decision making much more easy for them) for realizing these national trade centers for them: we just want them to promote this foreign national clusters opportunity to their national business community. Their national businesses can rent even as less as 1 m2 floor, or wall space, or one digital wide screen in these national trade centres abroad. By Skype their sales staff is always remotely available for those who want contact. Of course many companies will need and therefore hire more than 1 m2 floor, and/or wall space and/or digital wide screen. Governments can used the World Clusters model a) domestic (attracting foreign tenants to stimulate trade and attrack foreign equity/investment), b) foreign (stimulating exports for their own national industries/agriculture/aquaculture) and c) bilateral (stimulating mutual trade/investments between two nations).

BUILDINGS - We offer building owners this flow of foreign tenants at no cost. What’s needed? Just the use of a complex of empty buildings in the global metropoles i.e. major cities. Nothing more and nothing less. The rest is up to us. We invoice the foreign tenants and pay the building owners 50% of the revenues. Sometimes there is some investment needed to make the buildings ready for this (often somewhere around $/E 100k). These investments are for the building owners. For building owners in the Global West these new wave of tenants is very attractive (as due to the economic decline of the Global West the national office demand is declining at rapid pace too).

As Planck Foundation this model is a way in which we build further/wider/deeper on the wide range of governmental contacts we’ve build in the last one and a half decade by doing our work (which is developing and promoting economic models towards central banks and governments). There’s also another (and more ideological) facet to this for us: We’re convinced that trade relations prevent the build-up of both tensions between nations and regional blocks. Trade = Peace is as much true as War = Destruction. We’re focused on creating general prosperity for all people in the 21st century, so we don’t like destruction that much: our cup of tea is more in the area of piece by building multiple/decentral trade relations. Everywhere we tell this story we are conceived as genuine (based on our track record). This explains our global access to national power brokers on a level commercial parties only could dream of: something that opens doors that otherwise would stay closed.

Planck Foundation - the text on this page is written by Gijs Graafland